martes, octubre 25, 2016

[GSN Suspected Spam] Re: PROPOSAL ( Gold Valued At $38M USD ) NOT SPAM

Hello friend,

My name is Miss Myrian Suleiman from Syria, I am 21 years old and the only surviving child of Late General Muhammad Suleiman, who worked as a former General and Special Presidential Advisor Who was Assassinated .

I am writing from Syria and I have a proposal for 900kg of 24 carat Gold valued at $38M U.S.D which I will like you to help me claim, sell and Invest the money in Your country. Presently due to the war here, i can not travel out to go and claim the Gold and Invest it where it is deposited in offshore country. I will like you to kindly write me at my private email ( so that I can tell you in details what you are expected to do for me and also for me to send you documents proof . I am ready to give you 50% of the Gold for your help. This will not waste your time, Thank you for writing me back and God bless you.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Miss Myrian M. Suleiman

Write Me Back Here Please ( )

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